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bandomtropes's Journal

Bandom Tropes
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A bandom fanart and fic challenge community based on the tropes we all know and love.

You've seen the tropes. You're into bandom. By our powers combined, they are Bandom Tropes.

Bandom Tropes is a bandom prompt community for both art and fic. Once a week, the mods will post a trope from the website Tv Tropes. Don't know what tropes are? A trope is a cliche, or oft-used plot device, or archetype in fiction. The website archives every trope out there, as well as providing pages for almost any fandom you can think of, describing all the tropes it fulfills. If that's still confusing, just go click around the site for a while. Search for your favorite fandom and read up. It's addicting.

After the trope is posted, members of the community will have a week to complete their post for that prompt and put it up for the world to enjoy. There may eventually also be contests to see who can fulfill the prompt best--for now, it's going to stay a non-competitive, purely for-fun prompt community. Think of what sort of replies would come in for Shoot the Dog, Split Personality, or Break the Cutie.

Our rules are very simple.

1. Bands from any corner of bandom are welcome here, as is any pairing you wish to engage in (or you could stick to gen--literally anything goes). Any rating level is also welcome, since everyone's posts go behind a cut anyway, but warnings for extremely explicit content are appreciated.

2. Posts in the community are moderated. There is only one reason that your post will not be approved for posting, however--if it has no relation to the prompt posted for that week. If you post an ad? It won't be accepted. If you post a giant flame about how much you hate so and so? It won't be accepted. But that's it. The content of your response to the prompt is entirely up to you. We're not all that tough, but if we honestly can't match the trope for that week to your entry, even after asking you for clarification, it will be rejected. We don't expect this to happen very often. We are very friendly, and completely willing to try and work things out with posters.

3. No flames, please. Constructive criticism is wholly encouraged, however.

4. There is no length/size limit. There is also no limit to the amount of entries you can post. However, if you are posting many shorter fics, we ask that you put them all in one post, just for the sake of people's watch lists.

5. Post your own work. If you are found to be plagiarizing or art stealing and claiming someone else's work as your own, you will be banned from the community. And why would you bother? It's just a for-fun prompt community.

6. Posting format is relatively simple. Just fill out the form, then post your entry behind an LJ cut. We'd prefer that you use an LJ cut no matter what the length of your entry. It just saves our watch lists a little breathing space. Note that art and fic each have their own form.



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